Now showing in The Theater Gallery during May -


May brings “Bliss” to The Theater Gallery in Yuba City all month long.

The gallery proudly presents the talents of father, mother, and daughter in this unique and diverse art exhibit. RICK BLISS is an outdoor photographer. ROZ BLISS is the gallery jewelry artist. Daughter LIZ BLISS is a trained artist specializing in drawing, acrylic and oil painting. Come and see what this creative family has on view this month!

A gifted photographer, influenced by America’s great landscape artists, RICK BLISS is rarely without his camera. He concentrates on capturing the light in his work, making his landscape photography truly spectacular to view. Some of his work has an “other-worldly” aspect to it, while still appearing extremely realistic. With an eye for natural beauty and structure, Rick’s compositions are dramatic and breathtaking. He has been taking photographs for over fifty years, keeping up with the latest technology, and printing his own images of varying sizes. It is his passion. Last November his wildlife photography was featured in the gallery’s exhibition during the Swan Festival. 

By comparison, his wife ROZ BLISS has been making jewelry for a relatively short time, about eight years. Although a relative newcomer to the arts, she strives to create wearable art that is unique yet has a quality of simple elegance. Her brand is called “Stelle” which in Italian means “stars.” Being of Italian descent and having lived and traveled in Italy many times, she plans to showcase pieces with Murano glass from Venice and other creations with a distinctive European flair. Roz has been one of The Theater Gallery’s five Resident Artists for over a year. She enjoys making one of a kind pieces and custom jewelry.

LIZ BLISS became interested in art at a young age, seeking to capture reality in her drawings. While at Sutter High School, she was greatly influenced and encouraged by art instructor, Drew Sallee (next month’s featured artist.) Over time, Liz’s talent progressed to creating images of places accessible only in her imagination. She enjoys constructing them in such a way as to transport the viewer inside her work. Another artistic goal of hers is to convey a particular feeling or idea through her art. She achieves this using bold, bright colors and contrasts as tools to transmit messages and to spirit away viewers to imaginative, never-before-seen places. A UC Davis graduate with a degree in Art Studio, Liz has received many honors and awards for her impressive and captivating artwork.


Coming to The Theater Gallery in June -


Visit the Gallery for our Artist Reception on Thursday, June 4th from 6:00 to 8:00pm.  Meet the artists, view the new exhibition and enjoy complimentary beverages and hors d’oeuvres. Enter your name in our monthly drawing to win a jewelry piece.

The month of June features exquisite ceramic pieces by DREW  SALLEE and superb scenic photography by RALPH  FRENCH in addition to the work of our resident artists.

A few words about the artists-


An artist all his life, DREW  SALLEE became interested in ceramics in 1972. He was mentored by Gil Azama, renowned ceramicist at Yuba College. Through him, he met internationally known ceramicist, Peter Volkos. Drew’s artwork is widespread. In Alaska one of his silkscreens traveled up the Iditarod, and other works were displayed in the “Earth, Fire, and Fiber Show” there. In Nogayo, Japan, he has a pot in the Shinano-Pogijie Center of Ceramic Art. A graduate of Humboldt State University, he has taught kindergarten through college level students. He recently retired as the art instructor at Sutter Union High School, inspiring many young artists during his tenure. Besides being a gifted fine artist, for the last 27 years Drew has been a musician in the Catfish Hunter Band, singing and playing saxophone and percussion. In his view, Drew sees ceramics as a search for creative endeavor. He enjoys the entire process, especially using lots of color to paint on his pieces. His show will focus on functionality for cuisine and beautiful decorative pieces. A magnificent exhibit, not to be missed!


Scenics and local landmarks of the Yuba-Sutter area by photographer RALPH  FRENCH will be featured in the gallery’s June show. Ralph’s love of photography began with a Brownie camera and evolved to the Canon single lens reflex camera he uses today. In his twenties he was inspired by a course in photography he took at Santa Ana College. Restoring old photographs and wedding/event photography are specialties of his. He is the current president of the Hub Camera Club which meets monthly in Marysville. His work has been published in the Yuba-Sutter Community Magazine and in the Middle Mountain calendar. The New Earth Market in Yuba City featured his photography in a one-month show. Ralph is inspired by beauty, both natural and man-made. If the object or scene touches his heart, he will photograph it, seeking to convey his feelings through the image. His work offers the viewer an esthetically pleasing and unique perspective. 


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Come in and enter the drawing to win a jewelry piece each month.  An Artist Reception is held from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on the first Thursday of every month, complete with complimentary wine and hors d’oeuvres. Proceeds from The Theater Gallery benefit the Sutter Performing Arts Association’s effort to renovate the Sutter Theater and turn it into a viable community center.


**The Theater Gallery was featured in an article in VL - Visual Language Magazine.  See pages 112-115: click here.


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A new show opens at the beginning of each month with an Artist Reception on the first Thursday of the month from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. 

A portion of the proceeds benefit the Sutter Performing Arts Association's renovation of the Sutter Theater and the creation of a much-needed Performing Arts and Community Center.

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The Theater Gallery welcomes all local artists to apply for an exhibition in our gallery located at 752 Plumas St. Yuba City, CA.  We define local to be those artists who live or have lived with the Sutter Buttes on their horizon.

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