Working to bring a world-class theater to our community

to share the joy of the performing arts, theater, dance and music to our little corner of the world.

When restored the Sutter Theater will celebrate the juxtaposition of a restored 1950s movie theater and a modern and contemporary 299-seat performing arts theater — as well as a black-box theater for smaller performances and dinner theatre. The Sutter Theater will embrace our history and our future, creating a performing arts destination for Yuba and Sutter visitors and residents alike.

Match Grant Opportunity!

Make a gift today — and it will be matched dollar for dollar!

An amazing opportunity has been presented to SPAA with an $80,000 donation provided by three anonymous donors. Right now, your generous gift – of any size – to the Sutter Performing Arts Association will be matched dollar for dollar up to $80,000.

Building Photos © Jerry A. Gregg

Latest News

Little Stars String Trio Opens the Black Box

August 21, 2018

The Little Stars delighted the audience once again as they performed a concert in our Black Box to launch the sale of their first CD.  Yes, the Black Box opened June 2nd for this very special one-time event. Dustin (11 yrs.), Starla (10 yrs) and Valery (9 yrs), under the…

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$80,000 Match Grant

January 21, 2018

There’s some exciting news about the Sutter Theater reconstruction project on Plumas Street in Yuba City we’d like to share, including how you can help us leverage an important anonymous contribution from three local families of donors. First, the Sutter Performing Arts Association would like to extend a grateful “thank you” to our countless and amazing volunteers, supporters, and donors who have worked tirelessly with us…

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Upcoming Events

March in the Theater Gallery | Micola Houston

The Theater Art Gallery in Yuba City opens its March exhibit on  Thursday, March 7, with a welcoming Artist Reception from 5 – 7 pm. The event is free,offering complimentary refreshments. Our guest artist is MICOLA HOUSTON, whose vibrant acrylic paintings and pen and ink drawings are featured in this month’s show.Also on view…

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April in the Theater Gallery | Alan Hanley & Nikki Pearson

The Theater Art Gallery in Yuba City opens its April exhibit on Thursday, April 4, with a welcoming Artist Reception from 5 – 7 pm. The event is free, offering complimentary refreshments. Our guest artists are ALAN HANLEY, whose vivid oil pastel and pencil drawings are featured…

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April Artist Reception in the Theater Gallery | Alan Hanley & Nikki Pearson

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Our History

The video you are about to view is a brief historical account of the Sutter Performing Arts Association’s (SPAA) work to restore the Sutter Theater into a performing arts community center.  The video features two board members, Terri Tomlinson and Joe Moye as they respond to questions about our progress from the beginning with the purchase of the theater, to our current phase of building a “Black Box” venue.  A special thank you to  Joe Steele and the Dreambound Productions team for donating the their expertise and resources to create and publish this video.

Four Phases to A Beautiful Theater
and Community Center

Phase One (complete)

The creation of the organizational structure, developing a fundraising strategy to cover ongoing operational costs and feasibility studies (earthquake standards, lead paint/asbestos mitigation and ADA requirements for 299 person capacity).

Phase Two (complete)

SPAA secured Redevelopment Funds from the City of Yuba City for the second phase NOW COMPLETE which is an exterior restoration and essential interior repairs to open a small gallery/venue space.

Phase Three (currently in progress)

This phase set in motion, an estimated $500,000 upgrade, for partial interior renovations to include creating a “Black Box” theater which will be open for smaller productions and events. Snack bar and lobby renovations will follow.

Phase Four

A 299 seat theater! A state-of-the art Performing Arts Venue that provides a setting for a rich array of culturally diverse performing arts programming for the region.

2018 Sutter Performing Arts Association Goals

Fiscal Goals

  • Determine fundraising events by April 2017
  • Secure major fiscal contributors by June 2017

Construction Goals

Open the Black Box by June 2018 (tentative) and complete construction on Black Box by Dec. 2018

  • Install fabric on east and west walls
  • Install trim board
  • Install drapes over large screen including rod
  • Install metal covering for 6 pillars
  • Complete sealing of floor
  • Install fire suppression monitoring system
  • Engineer and install HVAC units
  • Purchase and install sound system including speakers
  • Purchase and install lighting
  • Install glass and repair red entrance doors

Open Gallery in permanent room by June 2018

  • Construct opening for access from inside Lobby to Gallery
  • Paint Gallery
  • Install carpeting
  • Add additional Lighting
  • Prepare display areas

Complete restrooms in Lobby remodel

  • Reinforce open areas per construction needs
  • Install rough plumbing
  • Pour concrete over open areas from rough plumbing
  • Purchase and install fixtures
  • Prep for installation
  • Purchase and install flooring, countertops, fixtures, etc.
  • Rebuild staircase
  • Place purchased stars in location (yet to be determined)

Marketing Goals

Continue to review the existing Marketing Plan for specific strategies

  • Continue to promote SPAA at various events and activities
  • Update the web page and Face Book page to communicate all activities (including construction activities) and chairpersons provide regular and timely updates
  • Plan and hold an Appreciation Event for our vendors who have or are working on the construction of the Black Box and Gallery
  • Publish a quarterly Newsletter

Here is an easy way to help Sutter Performing Arts Assoc. if you are an Amazon shopper. 

Just go to “” and log into your Amazon account.  You can then name Sutter Performing Arts Assoc. as your charity of choice.  After that every time you purchase from Amazon they will make a donation to us based on a percentage of your purchase.  After you have registered this with them you shouldl always then purchase from “”  rather than the “” site.  Don’t worry, they will keep reminding you and give you the opportunity to change to the correct site.  All of your account preferences and records remain the same.  Such a simple way to make a donation and help us bring a community theater to the Yuba/Sutter area.

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