Sutter Secret Society Speakeasy Fundraiser

What a wonderful success!  Jim Whiteaker hosted a fundraiser in our new Black Box on January 31 of 2019.  The format was a Speakeasy, which included a private tour of the entire facility complete with the blueprints and an outline of our immediate next steps in the remodel of the Sutter Theater.  Without exception, participants were very impressed with the progress to date and the next steps with the Lobby remodel.  

After the tour the guests were invited into our new Black Box for appetizers and special “Speakeasy” drinks.  All were invited to purchase Bronze Stars which will adorn our front sidewalk entrance, and Sutter Secret Society front row seats for the future performing arts center.  Thank you so very much for the generous contributions as this fundraiser donated over $70,000.  This was indeed our most successful fundraiser. We also extend a very special thank you to Jim Whiteaker for his belief in this project, as well as his many contributions to our work.

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